Live Traditional Irish Music sessions 4 nights a week at the South County Bar, Douglas, Cork


Live Traditional Irish Music And Entertainment 4 Nights A Week

The South County is very much a Traditional Irish Pub and we try to keep that theme with our entertainment as well. We are now doing  Music Sessions 4 nights a week on  Wednesday & Thursday at 8.30pm and our famous 'singalong Ballad session on Sundays at 6pm. In addition, on Friday evenings  we have booked 'Tony Milner Contemporary Guitarist'  playing 8.30pm - 10-30pm , ...every Friday and of course the JAZZ week-end is a big feature every year ! October Bank holiday Weekend. We have our biggest live music line-up ever this year ....

Most of our big band nights would be centered around festivals or bank holiday weekends.

The highlight of the year is our all day 'St. Patrick's Day Party' which usually starts the evening before with live Irish music and green beer. On the day we have face painters, dancers and bag pipers and live traditional music from early afternoon to late evening.

During the Cork Jazz weekend (late Oct.) we would also have live bands playing in the South County.

Some of these sessions attract musicians that may be passing through for a night and we are delighted to see customers bring their instruments with them and join the fun.

We would like to say a big hello, to all the Cork Tartan Army who were in for dinner to celebrate Robert Burns Day in January. The iconic Scottish poet and songwriter is celebrated all around the world at this time of year. Everyone enjoyed dinner and a few drinks and the rest of the pub were entertained by the sounds of the bagpipes before and after. We hope to see you all again next year.

West Village
Mon to Sat: 10:30‑20:00
Sun: 10:30‑19:00